Welcome to TruPulse!! 

We offer 2 unique speakers that use vibration technology to deliver quality sound to any surface that resonates sound.  Effectively what that means is that you can transform any solid surface into a speaker!

Our small speaker is different from competitor's products.  Make sure when comparing products do not not just look at price.  Compare the wattage of the speaker and if it has Bluetooth capabilities.  Our small speaker packs 10W where similar products only have 5W.  In addition ours allows syncing to devices via Bluetooth and the others do not.  Don't be fooled by imitations!!!!

TruPulse speakers are the latest in technology that emit sound using vibrations.  The emergence of this technology allows speakers to break the limitations of traditional speakers, both in sound quality and design.

Traditional speakers rely upon the speaker to push air vibrating through it, as a result sound produced is best when positioned directly in front of it.  Speakers using vibration technology produce vibrations that travel 360 degrees, wherever you are positioned you will hear the same high quality sound. 

All speakers come with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.  Proof of puchase is required and no signs of physical damage to qualify for warranty.  Customer is responsible for shipping product(s) back to Trupulse for warranty issues and Trupulse will cover the cost of shipping replacement product(s) back.  Product(s) will be exchanged for the same product.



Vibration Speaker series

Vibration Speaker series